After some time, I accumulated enough articles to share. They are about Cloud, Tech, Programming, and Work, and also include two Games, a petition, and a survey.

Dude, I’m trying to sleep here

Pseudo Localization @ Netflix Tech
How Netflix makes sure the UI will look good not only in English but also in other languages without actually having all the translations during the development.

Regex Cross­word Game
In TIFI #2, I shared a RegEx crossword from MIT. Here are a lot more of them!

How to get started with OrgFormation Cloud
OrgFormation is the IaC for managing AWS Organization. I definitely recommend using multiple AWS accounts even for your own, private purposes.

How To Do Less Work
A bunch of good tips on project management. Alternate titles include “How To Do Say No”, “How To Finish Your Work”, and “How To Deliver More”.

A Complete Guide To TypeScript’s Never Type Programming
Advanced applications of the never in TypeScript.

Nerdle Game
Remember Wordle? You can guess from where the Nerdle name comes…

Google almost convinced me to spend $400 on useless laser treatments Tech
There are a lot of posts recently about the degrading quality of the Google search results. This is one of them.

Public Money, Public Code
A petition to require the software created using taxpayers’ money to be released as free and OpenSource. See the video for a very convincing argumentation.

Developer Ecosystem Survey 2022
JetBrains annular survey exploring the state of the software development industry. There are valuable prizes to win. I wouldn’t mind the Geforce RTX 3080 Ti graphics card…

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