About me

I’m Maciej Radzikowski. Software Developer and Architect, member of the AWS Community Builders. Programming at day, blogposting at night. Just a usual programming hero ninja rockstar guy.

Other programmers turn caffeine into code, I’m tea-powered.

At Merapar Technologies I do serverless backends on AWS. At home I do whatever pet-project idea comes to my mind on a given day, playing with various technologies.

I don’t prefer any particular programming language. I aim to create the best solutions, not the best [put your favorite language here] solutions.

I believe in a deep understanding of languages, frameworks, and tools that we use. Not only how it works, but also why it works like that. This is a time investment that pays off later, with better, easier to maintain, and less error-prone systems.

You can find me on:

About the blog

I love sharing knowledge, and this is yet another place for me to do it.

For juniors starting their careers and trying to understand the complex world of software development. Looking for problem solutions that are something more than just a few magic lines of code. Searching for best practices.

For seniors constantly expanding their knowledge. Eager for practical solutions for real-life problems. Searching for comprehensive explanations.

This is my place to share – tips, recipes, hacks, solutions. And a mindset of what I believe is a way to go in our field.

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