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AWS Step Functions overview
This week I passed the AWS DevOps Professional exam. Here is a little guide - scope, what to pay attention to, and how I prepared for it in less than 2 weeks.
5 CloudFormation tips (+1 bonus tip) that I shared last week, aggregated. Make your work with @AWSCloudFormer easier.
AWS Kinesis Data Stream processing options comparison. Pricing, scaling, features. Ordered from easiest and cheapest!
Using AWS Lambda with Node.JS, and you care about the deployment time 🚚 and cold-start ❄️? Minimize your code bundle with tree-shaking. Especially easy to do with @goserverless, with serverless-webpack or serverless-esbuild plugins.
AWS Lambda optimization tip. When possible, make calls in parallel. In JS, you can use Promise.all(). When possible, use Batch* SDK calls, to make a single call only. Performance comparison.
TypeScript 4.4 Beta was released with improvements and new features for everyday coder's live quality (and type security). See them as short and straightforward code snippets!
For new applications, I use AWS AppSync to create GraphQL APIs instead of traditional REST. Sometimes I also need to create a frontend client to use it. I will show you how to auto-generate your GraphQL API client types and methods in 4 easy steps.
Serverless Framework (@goserverless) must-known plugins.
Ten Serverless Framework (@goserverless) tips and tricks. I work with SF as a primary IaC tool. Here is how to use the most of it.
AWS API Gateway authorization methods: IAM vs Cognito vs Lambda vs API Key
AWS messaging solutions - where to use which one: SQS vs SNS vs Kinesis vs EventBridge