Things I Found Interesting #4

Published on December 13, 2021

Two articles about the Blockchain on today’s list. Both are not in favor, I’m afraid. Apart from this, some tools, work thoughts and advice, and again an article so weird I couldn’t categorize it.

Any comment needed?

Visualizing a GitHub codebase
Visually appealing representation of the repository that you can autogenerate in the CI. Even if you don’t, it’s just a pleasure to see examples.

Individuals matter
A look into HR reality, why the bigger the company the worse the recruitment results, and why good employees are forced to change jobs to get a raise.

10 years of… whatever this has been
After 10 years, the author reviews his predictions about bitcoin. Also checks if bitcoin fulfilled any of its promises and what keeps it alive.

Web3? The false promise of a decentralized and trustless future
Bitcoin maybe did not deliver its promises, but now the internet is buzzing about the blockchain-based Web3. A good read if you have an average (which is none really) knowledge about crypto.

42 things I learned from building a production database
Advice list for Team Leads. The comments on HackerNews are surprisingly consistent in favor of this list, which means something.

Xerox photocopiers randomly alter numbers in scanned documents
Next to the famous 500-mile email bug, this is another bug hard to believe. Even more, if you consider it was present in dozens of models of popular devices for over eight years.