Things I Found Interesting #3

Published on July 13, 2021

Here we are again, with selected content from all over the internet about tools, tech, cloud, programming, work, and a single article I couldn’t categorize. Probably because I’m still in shock after reading it.

And one last thing before we start – obligatory picture of my cats:

That's how relaxed I aspire to be

Slidev – Presentation Slides for Developers
A reveal.js alternative focused on developer needs – markdown-based, built-in code snippets support, and more. Probably my choice for the next in-person public presentation, someday.

Robot sticking to the ceiling
With physics or magic (as if there is a difference), this robot can stick to walls and ceiling and move across them using a vibrating disc.

(Not only) JavaScript testing best practices
A comprehensive list of best practices for testing, most of which can be applied to any programming language. With code examples.

Make yourself replaceable at work
Why and how you should spread both the knowledge and power. It inspired me to spent some time improving my team’s docs. This is a list I feel I should re-read from time to time.

The current state of serverless
Interesting report from the Datadog on the actual serverless computing state in real-world applications across different cloud providers. If you wonder how others are doing it, here are the answers.

Polymer Search
Free to use tabular data search, visualization, query, and analysis tool. An alternative to Airtable. Select an example dataset on the main page to see it in action.

CPUs are making mistakes
Google and Facebook report that computer chips, behaving perfectly fine under tests, can miscalculate when used on a large scale. Not a reason to worry for home users, but big cloud providers need to take it into account.

JavaScript will finally have a good date-time API
It’s almost as hard to imagine the JavaScript with a proper date-time API as it is to work with JavaScript without moment.js / Luxon / name-your-favorite-date-time-library-here.

A shady practice of advertising software on job interviews
If your role includes interviewing candidates, try not to be overly suspicious after reading it. This article also gets bonus points for referencing the AWS Infinidash meme/drama.